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SeCAP is a sponsored captive insurance company. Our origins are in technology, not insurance. We provide a free Attack Surface Management (ASM) discovery to identify cyber assets at risk with every captive policy. Our ecosystem of professionals can assist in protecting cyber assets from bad actors. Best of all, our policies are written with flexible language.

SeCAP Covers Traditional Cyber Security Insurance

Legal costs

Legal costs associated with defending a claim or regulatory action.

Data Breach Response

Cost of executing a data breach response plan and external costs of restoring systems and recovering data.

Crisis Management

Costs for managing communication and reputation in the wake of data breach/attack

Compliance Costs

Some costs for regulatory framework and reporting compliance post-breach

SeCAP Sponsored Captives Receive Coverage for Those Risk(s) Traditional Cyber Security Insurers Don’t Cover

  • Acts of War / Terrorism
  • State Sponsored Attacks
  • Attacks from Foreign Actors
  • Intentional Acts (Disgruntled Employees)
  • Non Adherence to Industry Frameworks

Why is Cyber Security Insurance Important?

Cyber Security Insurance is important because it provides financial protection against the growing threat of cyber attacks.

Protect Your Business

Cyber Security Insurance can help minimize the damage that a cyber attack can do to your business. You'll be able to get back up and running faster, with less financial risk.

Peace of Mind

Cyber Security Insurance can give business owners peace of mind, knowing that they are protected in the event of an attack. You'll have the resources you need to recover quickly, and you won't be left dealing with the fallout alone.


Insurance policies can also help businesses meet regulatory requirements regarding cybersecurity, which can help prevent fines and other penalties associated with non-compliance.

How much does SeCAP Cyber Security Insurance Cost?

SeCAP Cybersecurity Sponsored Insurance Captives is Based on Return on Investment (ROI) Metrics, not Cost.

ASM Discovery, White Papers and Information

White Papers and Information
October 12, 2023

Attack Surface Management Discovery for Known and Unknown Threats

This PDF document describes the information our Attack Surface Management discovery tool SeCAP uses to provide a comprehensive map of known and unknown threats.
White Papers and Information
October 11, 2023

Quick Reference SeCAP Market Position and Benefits

SeCAP–Sponsored captive insurance focusing on cyber liability and general liability coverage. Applicable to all industries. Free cyber risk discovery covering 98% of client attack surface. Loss of premiums are mitigated…
White Papers and Information
October 11, 2023

White Paper (Sponsored Captive Structure)

This white paper explores the concept of applying a Sponsored Captive Insurance model to address the complexities of insuring cyber security risk. Traditional insurance models are failing cyber security insurance…
White Papers and Information
October 11, 2023

How Captive Insurance Empowers Banks During Turbulent Times

Following the Silicon Valley Bank collapse, small bank deposits were down a record $119 billion in March according to CNBC. While as of May, there are signs that this is…

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